Simple Tricks to Change Your Eating Habits

We all have met someone with dietary restrictions like vegan, low carb, or vegetarians, and we all wondered how did they do it. As mentioned in my previous post, I do not eat pork, red meat is very special occasions, and chicken and fish are my only foods that I eat frequently. Once again, I have changed my eating habits. I currently try to eat vegetarian food for most of my meals, I eat fish as my dish if I go out to eat, and chicken is my backup if the fish does not sound good. I have not cut out chicken fully because I do enjoy it, but I think it is time for me to change that habit. Some may ask, “How can you flip the switch just like that?”

The first trick is to remove it from your home. Any foods that are canned or non perishable can be donated as long as it it not expired to local food banks. I would say throw out the perishable items but that is a waste of money in my opinion, so I would say eat as your last meal. Removing it from you home will help remove it from your mindset.

Next, you have to have a meal plan just so you can have a guide for recipes. Have a list of food you enjoy that follows your new diet on your first column, so you know what you can buy on a regular basis. Some great food options would be salsa, kale, broccoli, spinach, onions, celery, and brussel sprouts. Then, have a column of foods that you love but you are trying to cut out. This is important because you need to find out what foods can help substitute those foods. If you love guacamole and chips try to replace the chips with baked corn tortilla chips or cucumbers. My personal favorite change was to replace sour cream with plain Greek yogurt. Taste exactly the same in my opinion. Some great substitute foods would be air popped popcorn, dark chocolate, fresh fruit with whipped cream, light ice cream like Halo Top, or freeze dried fruit.

Third tip is to check the restaurant menu before going to the restaurant. You will know what you want beforehand and you can order right away. If you are staying away from simple carbs, you can always tell the server no bread please. Feel free to take it to go as well.

The last trick is to keeps track of your macronutrients. It is important because you need to know what foods will be higher in fat, carbs, and protein. To stay full longer, try higher fat foods like hemp seeds, cheese, and avocado. Carbs are great for an immediate energy source. Try to eat bananas, strawberries, beans, and potatoes. Very ideal before the workout. Proteins are great for the structures of the body. Great sources are chicken breast, tuna, tilapia, flaxseeds, and non dairy milks that are unsweetened. Remember, lifestyle changes takes time and you might slip a few time but there is no rush.