New Year. New Me

Happy 2020 everyone. It is time to step up and make changes in my life. Starting with new resolutions. I’m going set new habits to change who I am. Going to the gym 5 times a week, no junk food, only salads, and only water. So many changes in one go. Doesn’t feel overwhelming to keep up with each one? This is basically setting yourself up for failure. Not saying that these changes will not come but expecting them to happen all at once is unrealistic. Small changes is the key to success. If you want to start going to the gym try 2-3 times a week then bump it up to 4-5 times a week if you can squeeze in more time. Try to find recipes that can satisfy your cravings for sugar, salt, or snacks before starting to diet. Making a plan is the key to consistency. I hope you guys achieve you goals. What is your 2020 resolution?

Toxic Culture

Toxic. A simple word that has been spreading this decade. We have toxic relationships, friendship, and traits. What makes something toxic? Basically, anything that keeps you in a negative state of mind. Some examples for a toxic relationship could be a controlling lover, an abuser, a liar, a manipulator, or a user. Why people can’t get out these relationships is being the toxic giver poisoned their mentality that makes then feel reliant on the other one. They wear them down to the point where they feel useless without them. Others may say just leave but it is easier said than done. The victim thinks they need the toxic person because they feel stuck there. Like, they have no place to go and can’t achieve anything else or do anything without them. Your brain can only take so much toxicity eventually you’ll end up dead either for real or mentally.

Toxic friends are tricky because we have the tendency to make excuses like we’ve been friends for years or I don’t want to break the friend group. What makes a friend toxic? They can’t really abuse you. But, toxicity is all about mentality. Ask yourself this. Do you have to act like someone else with this friend? Do you feel they ask for favors but can’t help you when you need them? Do they have to competitive with you? If you answer yes to any of these, you might a have a toxic friend. The best solution is to reflect on your friendship and see if they value you as much as you value them. Don’t reflect on the number of years you known then or how your other friends are friends with them.

The last toxic culture is yourself. Accurately, what toxic traits do you have that may affect yourself or others around you. A great example is peer pressuring other in activities that they don’t want to participate in. Another example could be being pessimistic. Ask yourself if your actions or behavior affects others moods. If they do, how can you change it.

Spicy Noodle Challenge and the Aftermath!!

What won’t the internet make a challenge of? There was the infamous cinnamon challenge, saltine crackers, wasabi, and now the spicy noodle challenge!

I tried it myself. It was not that spicy. Was it hot? Yes, but was I dying? No. I am used Korean spicy foods and Indian Spicy food. Now, if we are talking about Mexican spicy, I cannot handle as much. Habanero is the hottest I will go! After words, my stomach was fine. I felt spice even more but not that much. To me, this would be great if you are sick.

What is the spiciest food you ate?

Music Monday: Kehlani

The talented Kehlani has dropped a new album, and it is refreshing. Her mixture of layering vocals, autotune, and the collision of electric music is a spark of harmony. I truly enjoyed morning glory the most. Hearing a woman saying you better accept for who I am is message that people should take to heart. Makeup, nails, and hair extensions is just the outer shell until you get to know them on a heart to heart connection. What is the point into getting in a relationship if the person only cares about the exterior. Kehlani set a great message where you can’t love her for her being herself then you can get out.

Music Monday

This week goes to a Kate Delos Santos. With her new single How I Feel. This masterpiece uses a mixture of genres. Chill vibe with a essence soul, hint of jazz, and powerful meaningful lyrics. The voice layering of the song helps glue the song all together along with the bass. This style of music is unique and ambitious. I have seen many people fail with mixing genres, but Kate has a firm grasp of understand how music needs to flow. This style gives me a Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse vibe do to the mixture. I do hope to see other great hits in the future.