How does Media Scare Us?

I hope everyone is safe during this time. Wash your hands, sanitize everything, clean your groceries, and so on. As we are quarantined, we can take some time to pick up a new hobby or pursue our true desires and dreams. We can binge watch Netflix and Youtube all day, but we always see the numbers of COVID increasing. The number keeps rising each day and so does our anxiety and fears. As of today there are 586,057 Americans confirmed that they have COVID and 23,604 that have passed away due to the virus. Now, let me change some numbers around. As of today 0.17% of Americans are affected by COVID and 4% have passed away. See the major difference of how the media and the news scare us. Don’t take me wrong, pandemic are no joke, and we should respect procedures. My point is to not let media bring our morality down. Instead at looking at the death count, let us look at the recovered count which is almost double the death count (43,637). What was the real reason why people bought 100 toilet paper rolls and $700 of canned goods? Did we all automatically think the world is going to end due a virus even though medical science and technology have been evolving? No! News articles instills fear to everyone with shocking titles and death. Everyone would rather worry about the poison instead of the antidote. Notice how news article don’t really cover the good. They want us to keep watching the bad and scary. It is what keeps us hooked and makes us pay attention to the news. Ask yourself this, how much did you keep up with the news before the virus? Did you read the whole article word for word or did you look at the beginning and the end? I just want everyone to know that we cannot let the media affect our mood. Take this time to appreciate the good in this pandemic. When we put negative energy out there, negative energy comes back to us. Why don’t we put positive energy out and we shall get positivity back. Don’t forget that grocery workers, healthcare workers, postal services workers, food industry workers, customer service representatives, construction workers and anyone that are working during this time are working triple than normal, and they do not have time to put up with sour attitudes. Saying thank you is the least we can do. I believe these workers deserve overtime normal hours and a raise. Take your time to say thank you at least and support your local restaurants and grocery stores.