Reset Button

We all have hit the reset button sometime in our life. We seen it with dieting, quitting habits, exercising, or even school. I have few things that I hit the reset button on. The first one is my college. I am thankful that most of my classes are transferable, so I do not need to redo all my college classes. I went back to go for my Business Administration. It is a safer degree, and I already have 4 years of experience in the field. Logically, it makes sense for me to go back into business. Am I giving up on my dream? I don’t think so. I am trying to make logical sense to my change.

My next reset is my career path. My plan was to convert to a personal trainer. I am passionate for fitness, and I want to help people. This career choice felt like I could make it. But, I have to put the dream on hold. It wasn’t meant to be for Crunch Fitness. I’ll be back into an office setting soon. I do personal training on the side as my part time job. I think if I do personal training as a part time, and an office job as my full time. Stability is important to control anxiety.

My final reset button is my mentality. I always had a strong mental health. I was lucky that I never suffered from depression or anxiety. Knowing that my family is prone to these problems. My recent medication affected my mentality so much. It put me into a depressive state. I did not think I could achieve anything or become a personal trainer. Now, I want to stop that mentality and make commitments. I want this blog to be busy and I want to work hard on it. I do see a future in these blog post and hopefully it will come true.