How does Media Scare Us?

I hope everyone is safe during this time. Wash your hands, sanitize everything, clean your groceries, and so on. As we are quarantined, we can take some time to pick up a new hobby or pursue our true desires and dreams. We can binge watch Netflix and Youtube all day, but we always see the numbers of COVID increasing. The number keeps rising each day and so does our anxiety and fears. As of today there are 586,057 Americans confirmed that they have COVID and 23,604 that have passed away due to the virus. Now, let me change some numbers around. As of today 0.17% of Americans are affected by COVID and 4% have passed away. See the major difference of how the media and the news scare us. Don’t take me wrong, pandemic are no joke, and we should respect procedures. My point is to not let media bring our morality down. Instead at looking at the death count, let us look at the recovered count which is almost double the death count (43,637). What was the real reason why people bought 100 toilet paper rolls and $700 of canned goods? Did we all automatically think the world is going to end due a virus even though medical science and technology have been evolving? No! News articles instills fear to everyone with shocking titles and death. Everyone would rather worry about the poison instead of the antidote. Notice how news article don’t really cover the good. They want us to keep watching the bad and scary. It is what keeps us hooked and makes us pay attention to the news. Ask yourself this, how much did you keep up with the news before the virus? Did you read the whole article word for word or did you look at the beginning and the end? I just want everyone to know that we cannot let the media affect our mood. Take this time to appreciate the good in this pandemic. When we put negative energy out there, negative energy comes back to us. Why don’t we put positive energy out and we shall get positivity back. Don’t forget that grocery workers, healthcare workers, postal services workers, food industry workers, customer service representatives, construction workers and anyone that are working during this time are working triple than normal, and they do not have time to put up with sour attitudes. Saying thank you is the least we can do. I believe these workers deserve overtime normal hours and a raise. Take your time to say thank you at least and support your local restaurants and grocery stores.

Reset Button

We all have hit the reset button sometime in our life. We seen it with dieting, quitting habits, exercising, or even school. I have few things that I hit the reset button on. The first one is my college. I am thankful that most of my classes are transferable, so I do not need to redo all my college classes. I went back to go for my Business Administration. It is a safer degree, and I already have 4 years of experience in the field. Logically, it makes sense for me to go back into business. Am I giving up on my dream? I don’t think so. I am trying to make logical sense to my change.

My next reset is my career path. My plan was to convert to a personal trainer. I am passionate for fitness, and I want to help people. This career choice felt like I could make it. But, I have to put the dream on hold. It wasn’t meant to be for Crunch Fitness. I’ll be back into an office setting soon. I do personal training on the side as my part time job. I think if I do personal training as a part time, and an office job as my full time. Stability is important to control anxiety.

My final reset button is my mentality. I always had a strong mental health. I was lucky that I never suffered from depression or anxiety. Knowing that my family is prone to these problems. My recent medication affected my mentality so much. It put me into a depressive state. I did not think I could achieve anything or become a personal trainer. Now, I want to stop that mentality and make commitments. I want this blog to be busy and I want to work hard on it. I do see a future in these blog post and hopefully it will come true.

Simple Tricks to Change Your Eating Habits

We all have met someone with dietary restrictions like vegan, low carb, or vegetarians, and we all wondered how did they do it. As mentioned in my previous post, I do not eat pork, red meat is very special occasions, and chicken and fish are my only foods that I eat frequently. Once again, I have changed my eating habits. I currently try to eat vegetarian food for most of my meals, I eat fish as my dish if I go out to eat, and chicken is my backup if the fish does not sound good. I have not cut out chicken fully because I do enjoy it, but I think it is time for me to change that habit. Some may ask, “How can you flip the switch just like that?”

The first trick is to remove it from your home. Any foods that are canned or non perishable can be donated as long as it it not expired to local food banks. I would say throw out the perishable items but that is a waste of money in my opinion, so I would say eat as your last meal. Removing it from you home will help remove it from your mindset.

Next, you have to have a meal plan just so you can have a guide for recipes. Have a list of food you enjoy that follows your new diet on your first column, so you know what you can buy on a regular basis. Some great food options would be salsa, kale, broccoli, spinach, onions, celery, and brussel sprouts. Then, have a column of foods that you love but you are trying to cut out. This is important because you need to find out what foods can help substitute those foods. If you love guacamole and chips try to replace the chips with baked corn tortilla chips or cucumbers. My personal favorite change was to replace sour cream with plain Greek yogurt. Taste exactly the same in my opinion. Some great substitute foods would be air popped popcorn, dark chocolate, fresh fruit with whipped cream, light ice cream like Halo Top, or freeze dried fruit.

Third tip is to check the restaurant menu before going to the restaurant. You will know what you want beforehand and you can order right away. If you are staying away from simple carbs, you can always tell the server no bread please. Feel free to take it to go as well.

The last trick is to keeps track of your macronutrients. It is important because you need to know what foods will be higher in fat, carbs, and protein. To stay full longer, try higher fat foods like hemp seeds, cheese, and avocado. Carbs are great for an immediate energy source. Try to eat bananas, strawberries, beans, and potatoes. Very ideal before the workout. Proteins are great for the structures of the body. Great sources are chicken breast, tuna, tilapia, flaxseeds, and non dairy milks that are unsweetened. Remember, lifestyle changes takes time and you might slip a few time but there is no rush.

Thoughtful Thursday: Self Growth

As we grow up, we have the tendency to past life with a breeze. One day you were in high school, and then we are working at an office job 9-5. Trust me it is mind blowing that I first started high school 2011 and now I am at a corporate office. I find it amazing how much has changed in the world, technology, and myself. It is important to remember how much you grew as a person. Growing up in the moment will breeze by faster than we think. It is a perfect time time to take a moment and see how much you accomplished in the past year, month, or day. Think about how you made connections with others, how much knowledge you gained, what new skills you developed, and think of the goals are you getting closer to. All of us needs to take a nice breather and remember the goals we have finished.

Talkative Tuesday: Online Dating Cleanse

Online dating has slowly became the easiest way to find dates, and I am always for technology advancing to great lengths. What I have learned with these dating applications is quite a few lesson.

Bumble. Declared to be the best dating application for people looking for a great relationship. I believe it because the guys on the application are more relationship oriented. The first application that required a verification photo and filled with questions as ice breakers. My experience on Bumble was a boring experience. The guys on there were genuine but flakey. I do not like to wait for a guy to respond to me for a week to give me a reason why they could make it. We are adults, and they should not be afraid of rejection or hurting someone’s feelings. I have thick skin, and I don’t get offended easily. Guys may think they are doing us a favor by ignoring us, but they are making the situation worst in my opinion. Bumble may be a boring experience, but it was the best experience so far.

Tinder is where the iconic swipe left comes from. Easiest way to match with people with minimal effort. To me, this is an app where looks is more important than personality. The Netflix and chill definitely rooted from this app. If you are a type where you are looking for a deep connection, look somewhere else for that connection. Guys in here want to get to the point or play the game of cat and mouse. I rate this app a decent app for mature minded people, but amazing for college people that are shy. My experience was average, but I could do way better.

Last app is the worst app of them all. Grindr. This application is great for emotional manipulation, lustful people, liars, highly defensive people, toxic men, bored people, careless boys, childish men, cheaters, and many more. I hate this application. It was the worst. The men are cold, rude, annoying, and pretentious. They really have to get off their high horse and realize they are on the same application like everyone else. The reason why I didn’t leave sooner was because I thought this was the only way to meet someone for a hook up, date, hangout, or love without embarrassing myself by hitting on a straight man. The application made me think this is the best and ONLY way to meet love. In the past, I deleted the app but not the profile. I always thought well if this doesn’t work out then I’ll go back on grindr. My excuses were I have some guys on there I still chat with, it’s the best way to know if some is interested in men, it has good people on there, and so on. I did not realize that this app was toxic to my mentality. It made me believe love is just around the corner, the guy you saw in the store might be gay, or that online dating is for everyone. I could go on hours, but overall worst application. If you think love can happen in minutes, it doesn’t. I’m not saying to delete all the application for dating. I am saying that the app may not be as glamorous as advertised. There is nothing better than meeting your future lover in a place you love like a game, restaurant, the gym, or a dog park.

What I learned from each of these apps are valuable. Grindr taught me that true happiness starts with you. You can only get as much love as much as you love yourself. We cannot rely on someone else to make us purely happy. Tinder taught me that looks aren’t everything and if the person only care about your looks and don’t compliment on anything else, leave them be and know that you are amazing inside and out. Bumble taught me that quality guys can still have the same habits as terrible men. We do not deserve someone who makes us compromise everything.

Take care y’all. And love yourself and improve everyday.

Thoughtful Thursday: Checking In

Happy Thursday!

As we all age, we have the tendency to move consistently from state to state or country to country. Friends will understand that we cannot always keep in touch every single day and visiting them can be challenging with all the planning. But, a simple text or a short conversation can make them happy for the rest of the month. I personally love that my friends are low maintenance. We are the type where if felt like just yesterday we say each other. This is a great indicator that you are close with them. I do like to send them a message once in awhile and when they message me back it makes me so happy. I think if we just check in with them once a month can help them realize that we care about them. I truly think this is the easiest way for people to make their day or month. Check in with your friends can say hi.

Talkative Tuesday: New Lifestyle Update and Traveling

At last, Tuesday again. I wanted to give you guys a brief update with the intermittent fasting and drinking a gallon of water a day. I have noticed that my appetite has gone down. I do not crave and sweet food. I get full easily. I have to make sure that my caloric intake is still maintained. It is not as bad as I thought it would be. Drinking the water has made me more energetic, but a little more thirsty. I have lost a total of 2 lbs since I started.

I wanted to talk about traveling this week. There are so many ways to travel. We can take a plane, a cruise, road trip, and even train. I was always a fan of plane travel and explore the city, but that can cost a hefty price. You are responsible for everything. Recently, I went on my very first cruise. It was amazing! Unlimited drinks, food, and parties! I think this is great for people that do not want to explore the city as much. This great for party people, and I am not a party person. However, I am a huge fan of unlimited drinks. I can that I truly miss that vacation along with Las Vegas. I know this Tuesday is kind of short, but next week we will have a lot to talk about.

What is your favorite way to travel?

Happy Talkative Tuesday!

Talkative Tuesday


I wanted to talk about diets and lifestyles. I know people will say a diet should be a lifestyle change, so you can prevent bad habits like yoyoing, toxic cycles, and in denial thoughts and mentalities. I have cut different foods from my life like conventional eggs, pork, soda and frozen meals. I rarely eat red meat (usually about 2-4 times a year), chips, and candies. I do love a nice Junior Mint or Funyun once in a while, but I usually just want a little to fill in the craving. However, this post isn’t about my accomplishments and goals. It is about how I wanted to talk about intermittent fasting, drinking a gallon of water a day, resistant carbs, and eating styles.

Intermittent fasting has been popular for the past year along with keto and paleo. I actually started intermittent fasting today. My current eating lifestyle is actually quite interesting. There are certain days where my carb intake will be higher than my fat intake and vice versa on other days. My protein intake is usually about the same each day so about moderate. This will vary on what type of workouts that I do that day or if I am going out and walking. My friends were talking to me about intermittent and how it relates to cavemen and the hunt and gather Era. Since these people did not have access to food as easily, they usually have a fasting period until they found food. Logically, this makes sense for us to repeat the same pattern. We can use our stored body fat as energy instead of using the food we just ate. I started today, and I do feel a little peckish, but water can help satisfy the small hunger. Speaking of water.

Water is an essential component in living. We need it to rehydrate, clean ourselves, clean items, and food. I know adults always said to drink 8 cups of water a day since I was a kid. But, nutritionist and dietitians are saying to drink water based on weight. People that are larger will need to drink more water than a smaller person. Now, I see the trend of drinking a gallon water a day rise more and more. I know when my brother was in cross county, he was carrying a gallon of water everyday. This kind of discouraged me from drinking a gallon. Visually seeing that I have to drink a whole was kind of intimidating. Now I have a full-time job, so drinking water is much easier. I am on my 8th day, and I noticed a few changes. I do not wake up hungry in the morning, I sweat more at the gym, and I am taking more deep breaths. I have read some bloggers saying that they crave water, lose a few pounds, and better skin. I think it is easier if you have 2 bottles of water and if you drink a pint of water in the morning right away and a pint of water an hour before bed so that is only 12 cups of water to drink throughout the day. This is a trend that I can definitely keep up with.

So my coworker brought up the idea of eating potatoes cold. She was telling me about how starch based foods like pasta, potatoes, and rice are better to consume after they cooled if you do not want your to spike up your blood sugar levels. These carbs, when warm, are more soluble for you body to absorb the carbs. When eating a cooled or cold starched based item, the structure is not the same since the structure is more solid. This make the body harder to absorbed the carb, and it goes through your body like a fiber. This makes a lot of sense though. When an item is hot the molecules move around and causing it to expand and become more flexible. A few examples are metals, pasta, ice, and rice. While when an item is cold, the molecules are slower and forms more of a structure. This applies to starchy foods as well. I will be eating my beans, potatoes, and rice cold for now on. At least I can eat sushi still!

The last topic I wanted to talk about is the idea of eating styles. In a few cultures, the family usually eat on the floor criss cross style. Some other countries use their hands to eat or use a piece of bread as a utensil. This idea of eating styles intrigued me. I know my grandmothers always ate with their hands with rice. Almost making a makeshift spoon with the rice. I am going to slowly start eating with my hands. My coworker said that it can help control how much you eat too because you brain is able to recognize how much you are putting in your body. If you have to “work” for you food then the less likely you are too overindulge in the meal. Chopstick can also help to since you are taking smaller bites. There are so many eating styles and I will probably stick with the hands and chopstick as my utensils.

I know these life changes are sudden but they can help improve my health. I am self discipline, and I know can make these changes work for you me. What are some lifestyle changes you made?

Happy Talkative Tuesday!