Simple Tricks to Change Your Eating Habits

We all have met someone with dietary restrictions like vegan, low carb, or vegetarians, and we all wondered how did they do it. As mentioned in my previous post, I do not eat pork, red meat is very special occasions, and chicken and fish are my only foods that I eat frequently. Once again, I have changed my eating habits. I currently try to eat vegetarian food for most of my meals, I eat fish as my dish if I go out to eat, and chicken is my backup if the fish does not sound good. I have not cut out chicken fully because I do enjoy it, but I think it is time for me to change that habit. Some may ask, “How can you flip the switch just like that?”

The first trick is to remove it from your home. Any foods that are canned or non perishable can be donated as long as it it not expired to local food banks. I would say throw out the perishable items but that is a waste of money in my opinion, so I would say eat as your last meal. Removing it from you home will help remove it from your mindset.

Next, you have to have a meal plan just so you can have a guide for recipes. Have a list of food you enjoy that follows your new diet on your first column, so you know what you can buy on a regular basis. Some great food options would be salsa, kale, broccoli, spinach, onions, celery, and brussel sprouts. Then, have a column of foods that you love but you are trying to cut out. This is important because you need to find out what foods can help substitute those foods. If you love guacamole and chips try to replace the chips with baked corn tortilla chips or cucumbers. My personal favorite change was to replace sour cream with plain Greek yogurt. Taste exactly the same in my opinion. Some great substitute foods would be air popped popcorn, dark chocolate, fresh fruit with whipped cream, light ice cream like Halo Top, or freeze dried fruit.

Third tip is to check the restaurant menu before going to the restaurant. You will know what you want beforehand and you can order right away. If you are staying away from simple carbs, you can always tell the server no bread please. Feel free to take it to go as well.

The last trick is to keeps track of your macronutrients. It is important because you need to know what foods will be higher in fat, carbs, and protein. To stay full longer, try higher fat foods like hemp seeds, cheese, and avocado. Carbs are great for an immediate energy source. Try to eat bananas, strawberries, beans, and potatoes. Very ideal before the workout. Proteins are great for the structures of the body. Great sources are chicken breast, tuna, tilapia, flaxseeds, and non dairy milks that are unsweetened. Remember, lifestyle changes takes time and you might slip a few time but there is no rush.

Why Do We Hate Washing Dishes?!

Yes! Another delicious meal cooked and eaten. Enjoying the food coma that we put ourselves in. In a great mood until you see all those dishes used for cooking and ruins the mood. Why does this happen to us? Why does it ruin our mood? There are some correlations to this chore.

The first reason is that there is not energy left in us. Think about you were chopping, sauteing, standing, and flipping your food. Also, eating a hearty meal can make you feel lethargic. The last thing on your mind is to waste more energy.

Time. The only resource we can never get back. You took an hour to cook and 30 minutes to eat. Now, you have to waste more time to clean! Not happening in my book.

Wasting resources does major damage to the Earth and washing dishes by hand is not efficient. You are wasting more water than using a dishwasher. Of course if you only used like 4 dishes than just wash it, but I have never used less than 7 dishes when cooking. Also, the disher is better at cleaning dishes than by hand.

The last reason is there is no pay off. What? I get clean dishes so what?

What is you least favorite chore?

Spicy Noodle Challenge and the Aftermath!!

What won’t the internet make a challenge of? There was the infamous cinnamon challenge, saltine crackers, wasabi, and now the spicy noodle challenge!

I tried it myself. It was not that spicy. Was it hot? Yes, but was I dying? No. I am used Korean spicy foods and Indian Spicy food. Now, if we are talking about Mexican spicy, I cannot handle as much. Habanero is the hottest I will go! After words, my stomach was fine. I felt spice even more but not that much. To me, this would be great if you are sick.

What is the spiciest food you ate?

Foodie Friday: One Trick Gadget Rant

The amazing avocado saver. Put the other half of the advocado in the container to help prevent spoilage. Only $3.99

Why? Why would we want this one trick pony device when we can buy mini advocado or share the advocado with someone. I am guilty of having one single purpose device and that is a veggie noodle maker. To be fair, that tool actually saves me money on the noodles. 4 zucchini cost about $2 maybe less. The zoodles cost about $5 for the same amount. The other tool o would say that is kind of worth investing is an air popcorn maker but that is if you are watching calories and love popcorn.

Other than that I find all the other tools like a hotdog bun toaster, salad makers, advocado swiss army knife, apple corer, egg separator, and so many more. They always advertise about saving space but you’ll need like a drawer for 8 of them. Most of these one tricks can be replaced by a knife. Is it really hard to make salad or slice an apple into four. If you don’t know, Google it or YouTube. Thank you for the rant.

Foodie Friday: Budget Tip

Rotisserie chicken is a great item to have that has a lot of flavor and flexibility. If you are by yourself and can’t finish the entire chicken in 1 week. Don’t throw it away. Shred the chicken and freeze it. This chicken can be used in power bowls, tacos, pasta, or by itself. You have instant chicken in the fridge and you dont even have to cook it from raw. This is great for college students, young adults, or families.

Food Friday: Seaside Dinner

Happy Foodie Friday

I had an amazing diner at Eddie V’s in La Jolla. I know that it was an expensive dinner because of the locations, style, and the premium items like swordfish, truffles, and lobster. I was expecting the food to be small portions like the side. Our sides were lobster mashed potatoes, truffle mac and cheese, and crab fried rice. The portions were huge! Like the side were basically a meal itself. It was enough to feed 4 people. Everything we ate was flavorful, filling, and finely crafted. I believe that this fine dining experience was one of a kind. Most places are stingy with the portions, but this one was almost family style. The drinks were a 10 out of 10. I had a Gatsby Sour and a Dragon Berry Mojito.

Talkative Tuesday: Mukbang and Binge Eating Discipline

I am going to talk about a sensitive topic about eating and I am no means to offend anyone. This is a topic that I do want to talk about. If you do you need help or loved one, please contact 1-800-931-2237 

Mukbang. A very popular trend in Korea and started to trend in America. I just started watching some compilations of mukbangers. I realized how my appetite has decreased when I watch/listen to them. Seeing that amount of food causes me to lose my hunger levels. There is no hate for people that create that content. Promoting this lifestyle for people is an issue for us. Having these videos can give people the impression that they can eat large sum of food for money. Yes you have the choice, but people are not thinking for the consequences for their health. Does the money really outweigh the negative effects for your health? Once again, it is your choice. This does to my next topic about binge eating.

Binge eating happens during holidays, birthdays, and vacations. Food has a common pattern where people uses food for celebrations. It happens and we are human. Do not beat yourself up for binging during the weekend. People that are seeking to improve their eating habits are too harsh when they binge eat. Keep in mind, a day of binge will not make you gain 10 pounds. Mentality is what going to play huge role in weight loss or health improvements. Remember, you are improving your health for yourself. If binge eating happens. Don’t give up and keep in mind one bad meal went make you gain 25 pounds. I had a binge weekend and I ate foods like sushi, turkey chili, thin mints, popcorn, and so much more. I went from 186 to 187. I gained only a pound.  We feel in the moment we gained 20 pounds but in reality most of the binge turns into water weight. Please don’t criticize yourself because you had a binge. If you do struggle with binge eating and it happens constantly please consider seeking help. You are not alone and you can receive help and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Some people exclaimed that some of their binge eating comes from their emotional ties to food. Many people use food as a comforting tool. In order for you to cut the ties, I would recommend start seeing food as a fuel source not as a support. Breaking that habit will help with your journey.

What are your thoughts about mukbangs?
Happy Talktive Tuesday!

Foodie Friday: Waffles Anyone?

Are you a waffle, pancake, french toast, or crepe type of person? I love how thin crepes are, but the king of breakfast has to go to waffles. They are fluffy yet crunchy. Add all the whipped cream and fruit to make them even more perfect. I made some protein waffles because I didn’t have normal milk.

For dinner, I had sushi and a drink. A spiked Thai tea. It was on the weaker side. I think two shot of Han Fire could make the drink. Very beautiful drink

What is you go to breakfast food?

Happy Foodie Friday