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What People Need To Hear

Everyone has that one friend that always vents about the same exact topic for the past week. It can get annoying for the listener to hear the same chatter over and over again. So what can you do in this situation? You can always nod you head yes and say yeah so they can vent. Sometimes, friends just someone to talk to and fume out their problems. However, there are so much we can take hearing the same thing over and over again. Well, it is obvious that they need to hear the truth that hear what they want to hear. How can we tell them our advice if they are always the one talking? Easy just ask them if they want a solution to their problem. Being straight forward to people can be helpful. You are not being mean, you are being honest. Another tip is to make sure that the person is solving their own problems. They cannot always rely on you when they have an issue. Let them solve it. You are just hinting at them what to do.

Thoughtful Thursday: Patience and Tolerance

When we grow up we develop a few skills that is taught indirectly. Some skills that we can acquire are patience and tolerance. Gaining these two skills in my opinion can make you much happier. Patience is important because we should not expect everything to be done immediately. Some people need more time to learn and finish the action others will take a shorter time. The point is that the task is being done. Remember that.

Tolerance plays along with patience. Are you able to tolerate the wait for the task or goal. I think learning these two skills will help people achieve their goals and dreams. We all can’t make all of our goals in a day. Some of us will take weeks, months, years, or our life time. Failure is not an event, it is a stepping stone to success.

Thoughtful Thursday: Self Growth

As we grow up, we have the tendency to past life with a breeze. One day you were in high school, and then we are working at an office job 9-5. Trust me it is mind blowing that I first started high school 2011 and now I am at a corporate office. I find it amazing how much has changed in the world, technology, and myself. It is important to remember how much you grew as a person. Growing up in the moment will breeze by faster than we think. It is a perfect time time to take a moment and see how much you accomplished in the past year, month, or day. Think about how you made connections with others, how much knowledge you gained, what new skills you developed, and think of the goals are you getting closer to. All of us needs to take a nice breather and remember the goals we have finished.

Thoughtful Thursday: Checking In

Happy Thursday!

As we all age, we have the tendency to move consistently from state to state or country to country. Friends will understand that we cannot always keep in touch every single day and visiting them can be challenging with all the planning. But, a simple text or a short conversation can make them happy for the rest of the month. I personally love that my friends are low maintenance. We are the type where if felt like just yesterday we say each other. This is a great indicator that you are close with them. I do like to send them a message once in awhile and when they message me back it makes me so happy. I think if we just check in with them once a month can help them realize that we care about them. I truly think this is the easiest way for people to make their day or month. Check in with your friends can say hi.