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Music Monday: Old but still good

Old songs are know to be that’s what my grandparents listened to. But some of us enjoys old classic hits and old genres. Something Cool by June Christy has that charm that brings me back to an orchestrated symphony. Hearing all categories of instruments. The lyrics are unique but very common during this era. What I mean is when the singer is singing about their day with very detailed descriptions. I love this style because it makes me feel like I am watching a beautiful woman singing in front of a stage during dinner. Hopefully this style never dies out but music is forever

Music Monday: Mamamoo For LIFE!

Mamamoo did it again. Releasing a beautiful mini album to finish strong for the 4 seasons. I truly love this group to death. They have a breath of fresh air for their new album White Winds. The song that truly caught my attention is Waggy. A very peculiar direction this song took. Mamamoo has always been creative with their instruments of choice. I think they took an ambitious move using a drums, guitars, trumpet, and piano as the instruments. The song just reminds me of dancing on vacation and driving through the country. Giving a nice Spanish style to their beat. I think this has been orchestrated perfectly. I am purely speechless over the song.

Music Monday: Kpop Duet

As you guys know, I am a huge fan of Kpop. I love the different direction the Kpop has taken. I usually see Kpop groups or solo artist. It is rare to me to see a duet in this genre. Most of the time the duets are one offs. One of my favorite duets is Some- Soyou & Junggigo. This consistent beat in the background is what truly hooks me. The collision of both instruments is a perfect harmony for the song. This allows me to feel the emotions that is put into the music. I would give this duet a good listen.

Music Monday: Kehlani

The talented Kehlani has dropped a new album, and it is refreshing. Her mixture of layering vocals, autotune, and the collision of electric music is a spark of harmony. I truly enjoyed morning glory the most. Hearing a woman saying you better accept for who I am is message that people should take to heart. Makeup, nails, and hair extensions is just the outer shell until you get to know them on a heart to heart connection. What is the point into getting in a relationship if the person only cares about the exterior. Kehlani set a great message where you can’t love her for her being herself then you can get out.

Music Monday

This week is not a specific artist but a genre. This Monday goes to Kpop instrumentals. Yes, I am a huge kpop fan, but I do hear people saying that all kpop sounds to similar. I don’t blame them though. Sometimes the girl groups sound too cute and the boy group always try to give a bad pretty boy vibe. There is nothing wrong with that, but it does get stale. I would say the 3 unique groups are Mamamoo, Lovelyz, and 2NE1. The reason why people complain about kpop is because they do not focus on the instrumentals. Mamamoo is a perfect example of having a mixed genre with well coordinated music. Their interstuments consist of the saxophone, spanish guitar, pianos, snapping, synth, and so many more. Lovelyz has a common theme with wind instruments likes the flute and piccolo with a fake bit vibe. The instrumentals of kpop is what truly defines the group. They represent the group’s style and vibe. Some groups are upbeat and others are chill and relaxing. I would recommend listening to kpop instrumentals if you want to get into music. It gives you a sense of how can I put these instruments together and make it as it’s own song.

Music Monday

This week goes to a Kate Delos Santos. With her new single How I Feel. This masterpiece uses a mixture of genres. Chill vibe with a essence soul, hint of jazz, and powerful meaningful lyrics. The voice layering of the song helps glue the song all together along with the bass. This style of music is unique and ambitious. I have seen many people fail with mixing genres, but Kate has a firm grasp of understand how music needs to flow. This style gives me a Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse vibe do to the mixture. I do hope to see other great hits in the future.