Foodie Friday: Waffles Anyone?

Are you a waffle, pancake, french toast, or crepe type of person? I love how thin crepes are, but the king of breakfast has to go to waffles. They are fluffy yet crunchy. Add all the whipped cream and fruit to make them even more perfect. I made some protein waffles because I didn’t have normal milk.

For dinner, I had sushi and a drink. A spiked Thai tea. It was on the weaker side. I think two shot of Han Fire could make the drink. Very beautiful drink

What is you go to breakfast food?

Happy Foodie Friday

Thoughtful Thursday What to do when you are single on Valentine’s day?

Love is in the air….

For other people, but let’s not think of the negative on this day. What are some positive actions you can do that can show love and compassion when you are single?

Tell your friends and family that you cherish them.

Valentine’s day may be known for love, but who says love has to be exclusively for your significant lover. A simple text saying, “I am glad we met and I wanted to say Happy Valentine’s day!” can go a long way.

Make a list of why you love yourself

There is only one of you and that is what makes the world so beautiful. It may sound strange or egotistical to make a list of why you love yourself, but you are the only person that can make yourself truly happy. You deserve self love.

Do something you love

The night of possibilities are endless. Go to your favorite restaurant, enjoy a nice stroll, go to the dog park, cook your favorite meal, or start a new adventure. You will never know what will happen.

Explore some local events

Check out your community to see if there are some singles mixers, movie night, or parties. Not everyone is married or has a partner, so these events are great to meet new people.

Treat your pet/s out

Our little companions have been with us through thick and thin. Why not show them a little appreciation with a nice meal or toy. Give them plenty of love too.

Enjoy yourself

Don’t dwell on the past that will bring you down. Think of the past as an experience. You can make a new memories and enjoy your life with yourself. Get a nice massage, haircut, or enjoy your guilty pleasures.

How do you spend Valentine’s day? I usually spend it by doing art pieces.

Happy Thoughtful Thursday!

Wednesday Wish

Hello 🦊

I wish that we can just work part time yet get paid full time. This idea is really my dream because I would be able to accomplish more goals such as traveling. I know there was a study where the company had 3 days off and 4 working days. The idea is to make you work efficient that you can complete 40 hours work in 4 days. People just did 10 hour days, but most tried to find different ways to make work more efficient. Subjects of the study said they felt less stress, more free time for their family, able to travel more, and other benefits. One day I will be able to work part time for full time pay.

Any wishes for today?

Happy wishing!

Talkative Tuesday


I wanted to talk about diets and lifestyles. I know people will say a diet should be a lifestyle change, so you can prevent bad habits like yoyoing, toxic cycles, and in denial thoughts and mentalities. I have cut different foods from my life like conventional eggs, pork, soda and frozen meals. I rarely eat red meat (usually about 2-4 times a year), chips, and candies. I do love a nice Junior Mint or Funyun once in a while, but I usually just want a little to fill in the craving. However, this post isn’t about my accomplishments and goals. It is about how I wanted to talk about intermittent fasting, drinking a gallon of water a day, resistant carbs, and eating styles.

Intermittent fasting has been popular for the past year along with keto and paleo. I actually started intermittent fasting today. My current eating lifestyle is actually quite interesting. There are certain days where my carb intake will be higher than my fat intake and vice versa on other days. My protein intake is usually about the same each day so about moderate. This will vary on what type of workouts that I do that day or if I am going out and walking. My friends were talking to me about intermittent and how it relates to cavemen and the hunt and gather Era. Since these people did not have access to food as easily, they usually have a fasting period until they found food. Logically, this makes sense for us to repeat the same pattern. We can use our stored body fat as energy instead of using the food we just ate. I started today, and I do feel a little peckish, but water can help satisfy the small hunger. Speaking of water.

Water is an essential component in living. We need it to rehydrate, clean ourselves, clean items, and food. I know adults always said to drink 8 cups of water a day since I was a kid. But, nutritionist and dietitians are saying to drink water based on weight. People that are larger will need to drink more water than a smaller person. Now, I see the trend of drinking a gallon water a day rise more and more. I know when my brother was in cross county, he was carrying a gallon of water everyday. This kind of discouraged me from drinking a gallon. Visually seeing that I have to drink a whole was kind of intimidating. Now I have a full-time job, so drinking water is much easier. I am on my 8th day, and I noticed a few changes. I do not wake up hungry in the morning, I sweat more at the gym, and I am taking more deep breaths. I have read some bloggers saying that they crave water, lose a few pounds, and better skin. I think it is easier if you have 2 bottles of water and if you drink a pint of water in the morning right away and a pint of water an hour before bed so that is only 12 cups of water to drink throughout the day. This is a trend that I can definitely keep up with.

So my coworker brought up the idea of eating potatoes cold. She was telling me about how starch based foods like pasta, potatoes, and rice are better to consume after they cooled if you do not want your to spike up your blood sugar levels. These carbs, when warm, are more soluble for you body to absorb the carbs. When eating a cooled or cold starched based item, the structure is not the same since the structure is more solid. This make the body harder to absorbed the carb, and it goes through your body like a fiber. This makes a lot of sense though. When an item is hot the molecules move around and causing it to expand and become more flexible. A few examples are metals, pasta, ice, and rice. While when an item is cold, the molecules are slower and forms more of a structure. This applies to starchy foods as well. I will be eating my beans, potatoes, and rice cold for now on. At least I can eat sushi still!

The last topic I wanted to talk about is the idea of eating styles. In a few cultures, the family usually eat on the floor criss cross style. Some other countries use their hands to eat or use a piece of bread as a utensil. This idea of eating styles intrigued me. I know my grandmothers always ate with their hands with rice. Almost making a makeshift spoon with the rice. I am going to slowly start eating with my hands. My coworker said that it can help control how much you eat too because you brain is able to recognize how much you are putting in your body. If you have to “work” for you food then the less likely you are too overindulge in the meal. Chopstick can also help to since you are taking smaller bites. There are so many eating styles and I will probably stick with the hands and chopstick as my utensils.

I know these life changes are sudden but they can help improve my health. I am self discipline, and I know can make these changes work for you me. What are some lifestyle changes you made?

Happy Talkative Tuesday!