TT: Secret to My Binge Eating

We have all overindulged on a bag of chips or on pizza. The food is just so delicious, and we can’t help ourselves to stop munching away. Doing this habit is common amongst many people. With me, I did binge eat it when I was heavier. I didn’t really do it as much because my goal was to lose weight. The main issue why I wasn’t losing weight was because I thought you should eat more if you work out. In fact, you should eat the same amount so you can be deficient in calories. Well, recently since I have been losing weight since High school, I have been binge eating on a weekly basis. I have no idea why I have this habit. In fact, I lose weight after a binge if not the worst weight I have gained was .6 lbs. I wonder why I do not gain a large amount pounds afterwards. The truth is that the food we indulge on turns into water and a small amount turns into fat. Water weight is not that difficult to lose. Here are some tips to lose that binge weight.

1.Water is the best way to flush your system. I drink about 1 gallon of water a day. Drinking 8 cups of water is not enough for most people. Drinking more water helps with energy levels, skin, and craving control. Sometimes people confuse thirst with hunger. A tip for that problem is to drink 2 cups of water before eating to see if you need to actually eat. Drink 2 cups of water when you wake up and 2 cups an hour before bed. Cut off water an hour before bed.

2.Don’t eat as soon as you wake up. Wait for your whole body to wake up. If you are feeling peckish, you might want to drink water instead because the body is most likely dehydrated

3.16/8 fasting will help your body lose body fat %. The stored fat in your body will be used for energy in the moment. This mean that the stored fat that you had is going to be used as fuel. A major perk to this is that your cell will last longer meaning that it’s great for skin and organ health. My body fat estimate was about 22% according to the scale. Now, I am about 13% after fasting for 2 months. Keep in mind, you will get cold easily if you lose body fat.

4. Your relationship with food. Some people may use food as a stress reliever or a support system for emotions. However, the major issue is that people will constantly turn to food if they feel anger or sad. Seeing food as fuel is better relationship. You don’t want to constantly refuel the tank.

5. No punishment is not needed when you overate. You overate and that’s okay. We are not all perfect with our plans. I had a binge eating spree for 4 days and I don’t beat myself up for it or restrict my calories. You can eat without guilt or punishment.

Update for my weight. I weighed in at 197 lbs at the beginning of this year. Now, I weigh 177! Down to 20 lbs. Weight loss is a journey but it is life changing.

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