Talkative Tuesday: Mukbang and Binge Eating Discipline

I am going to talk about a sensitive topic about eating and I am no means to offend anyone. This is a topic that I do want to talk about. If you do you need help or loved one, please contact 1-800-931-2237 

Mukbang. A very popular trend in Korea and started to trend in America. I just started watching some compilations of mukbangers. I realized how my appetite has decreased when I watch/listen to them. Seeing that amount of food causes me to lose my hunger levels. There is no hate for people that create that content. Promoting this lifestyle for people is an issue for us. Having these videos can give people the impression that they can eat large sum of food for money. Yes you have the choice, but people are not thinking for the consequences for their health. Does the money really outweigh the negative effects for your health? Once again, it is your choice. This does to my next topic about binge eating.

Binge eating happens during holidays, birthdays, and vacations. Food has a common pattern where people uses food for celebrations. It happens and we are human. Do not beat yourself up for binging during the weekend. People that are seeking to improve their eating habits are too harsh when they binge eat. Keep in mind, a day of binge will not make you gain 10 pounds. Mentality is what going to play huge role in weight loss or health improvements. Remember, you are improving your health for yourself. If binge eating happens. Don’t give up and keep in mind one bad meal went make you gain 25 pounds. I had a binge weekend and I ate foods like sushi, turkey chili, thin mints, popcorn, and so much more. I went from 186 to 187. I gained only a pound.  We feel in the moment we gained 20 pounds but in reality most of the binge turns into water weight. Please don’t criticize yourself because you had a binge. If you do struggle with binge eating and it happens constantly please consider seeking help. You are not alone and you can receive help and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Some people exclaimed that some of their binge eating comes from their emotional ties to food. Many people use food as a comforting tool. In order for you to cut the ties, I would recommend start seeing food as a fuel source not as a support. Breaking that habit will help with your journey.

What are your thoughts about mukbangs?
Happy Talktive Tuesday!

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