Music Monday

This week is not a specific artist but a genre. This Monday goes to Kpop instrumentals. Yes, I am a huge kpop fan, but I do hear people saying that all kpop sounds to similar. I don’t blame them though. Sometimes the girl groups sound too cute and the boy group always try to give a bad pretty boy vibe. There is nothing wrong with that, but it does get stale. I would say the 3 unique groups are Mamamoo, Lovelyz, and 2NE1. The reason why people complain about kpop is because they do not focus on the instrumentals. Mamamoo is a perfect example of having a mixed genre with well coordinated music. Their interstuments consist of the saxophone, spanish guitar, pianos, snapping, synth, and so many more. Lovelyz has a common theme with wind instruments likes the flute and piccolo with a fake bit vibe. The instrumentals of kpop is what truly defines the group. They represent the group’s style and vibe. Some groups are upbeat and others are chill and relaxing. I would recommend listening to kpop instrumentals if you want to get into music. It gives you a sense of how can I put these instruments together and make it as it’s own song.

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