Thoughtful Thursday What to do when you are single on Valentine’s day?

Love is in the air….

For other people, but let’s not think of the negative on this day. What are some positive actions you can do that can show love and compassion when you are single?

Tell your friends and family that you cherish them.

Valentine’s day may be known for love, but who says love has to be exclusively for your significant lover. A simple text saying, “I am glad we met and I wanted to say Happy Valentine’s day!” can go a long way.

Make a list of why you love yourself

There is only one of you and that is what makes the world so beautiful. It may sound strange or egotistical to make a list of why you love yourself, but you are the only person that can make yourself truly happy. You deserve self love.

Do something you love

The night of possibilities are endless. Go to your favorite restaurant, enjoy a nice stroll, go to the dog park, cook your favorite meal, or start a new adventure. You will never know what will happen.

Explore some local events

Check out your community to see if there are some singles mixers, movie night, or parties. Not everyone is married or has a partner, so these events are great to meet new people.

Treat your pet/s out

Our little companions have been with us through thick and thin. Why not show them a little appreciation with a nice meal or toy. Give them plenty of love too.

Enjoy yourself

Don’t dwell on the past that will bring you down. Think of the past as an experience. You can make a new memories and enjoy your life with yourself. Get a nice massage, haircut, or enjoy your guilty pleasures.

How do you spend Valentine’s day? I usually spend it by doing art pieces.

Happy Thoughtful Thursday!

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