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How does Media Scare Us?

I hope everyone is safe during this time. Wash your hands, sanitize everything, clean your groceries, and so on. As we are quarantined, we can take some time to pick up a new hobby or pursue our true desires and dreams. We can binge watch Netflix and Youtube all day, but we always see the numbers of COVID increasing. The number keeps rising each day and so does our anxiety and fears. As of today there are 586,057 Americans confirmed that they have COVID and 23,604 that have passed away due to the virus. Now, let me change some numbers around. As of today 0.17% of Americans are affected by COVID and 4% have passed away. See the major difference of how the media and the news scare us. Don’t take me wrong, pandemic are no joke, and we should respect procedures. My point is to not let media bring our morality down. Instead at looking at the death count, let us look at the recovered count which is almost double the death count (43,637). What was the real reason why people bought 100 toilet paper rolls and $700 of canned goods? Did we all automatically think the world is going to end due a virus even though medical science and technology have been evolving? No! News articles instills fear to everyone with shocking titles and death. Everyone would rather worry about the poison instead of the antidote. Notice how news article don’t really cover the good. They want us to keep watching the bad and scary. It is what keeps us hooked and makes us pay attention to the news. Ask yourself this, how much did you keep up with the news before the virus? Did you read the whole article word for word or did you look at the beginning and the end? I just want everyone to know that we cannot let the media affect our mood. Take this time to appreciate the good in this pandemic. When we put negative energy out there, negative energy comes back to us. Why don’t we put positive energy out and we shall get positivity back. Don’t forget that grocery workers, healthcare workers, postal services workers, food industry workers, customer service representatives, construction workers and anyone that are working during this time are working triple than normal, and they do not have time to put up with sour attitudes. Saying thank you is the least we can do. I believe these workers deserve overtime normal hours and a raise. Take your time to say thank you at least and support your local restaurants and grocery stores.

New Year. New Me

Happy 2020 everyone. It is time to step up and make changes in my life. Starting with new resolutions. I’m going set new habits to change who I am. Going to the gym 5 times a week, no junk food, only salads, and only water. So many changes in one go. Doesn’t feel overwhelming to keep up with each one? This is basically setting yourself up for failure. Not saying that these changes will not come but expecting them to happen all at once is unrealistic. Small changes is the key to success. If you want to start going to the gym try 2-3 times a week then bump it up to 4-5 times a week if you can squeeze in more time. Try to find recipes that can satisfy your cravings for sugar, salt, or snacks before starting to diet. Making a plan is the key to consistency. I hope you guys achieve you goals. What is your 2020 resolution?

Toxic Culture

Toxic. A simple word that has been spreading this decade. We have toxic relationships, friendship, and traits. What makes something toxic? Basically, anything that keeps you in a negative state of mind. Some examples for a toxic relationship could be a controlling lover, an abuser, a liar, a manipulator, or a user. Why people can’t get out these relationships is being the toxic giver poisoned their mentality that makes then feel reliant on the other one. They wear them down to the point where they feel useless without them. Others may say just leave but it is easier said than done. The victim thinks they need the toxic person because they feel stuck there. Like, they have no place to go and can’t achieve anything else or do anything without them. Your brain can only take so much toxicity eventually you’ll end up dead either for real or mentally.

Toxic friends are tricky because we have the tendency to make excuses like we’ve been friends for years or I don’t want to break the friend group. What makes a friend toxic? They can’t really abuse you. But, toxicity is all about mentality. Ask yourself this. Do you have to act like someone else with this friend? Do you feel they ask for favors but can’t help you when you need them? Do they have to competitive with you? If you answer yes to any of these, you might a have a toxic friend. The best solution is to reflect on your friendship and see if they value you as much as you value them. Don’t reflect on the number of years you known then or how your other friends are friends with them.

The last toxic culture is yourself. Accurately, what toxic traits do you have that may affect yourself or others around you. A great example is peer pressuring other in activities that they don’t want to participate in. Another example could be being pessimistic. Ask yourself if your actions or behavior affects others moods. If they do, how can you change it.

Reset Button

We all have hit the reset button sometime in our life. We seen it with dieting, quitting habits, exercising, or even school. I have few things that I hit the reset button on. The first one is my college. I am thankful that most of my classes are transferable, so I do not need to redo all my college classes. I went back to go for my Business Administration. It is a safer degree, and I already have 4 years of experience in the field. Logically, it makes sense for me to go back into business. Am I giving up on my dream? I don’t think so. I am trying to make logical sense to my change.

My next reset is my career path. My plan was to convert to a personal trainer. I am passionate for fitness, and I want to help people. This career choice felt like I could make it. But, I have to put the dream on hold. It wasn’t meant to be for Crunch Fitness. I’ll be back into an office setting soon. I do personal training on the side as my part time job. I think if I do personal training as a part time, and an office job as my full time. Stability is important to control anxiety.

My final reset button is my mentality. I always had a strong mental health. I was lucky that I never suffered from depression or anxiety. Knowing that my family is prone to these problems. My recent medication affected my mentality so much. It put me into a depressive state. I did not think I could achieve anything or become a personal trainer. Now, I want to stop that mentality and make commitments. I want this blog to be busy and I want to work hard on it. I do see a future in these blog post and hopefully it will come true.

Simple Tricks to Change Your Eating Habits

We all have met someone with dietary restrictions like vegan, low carb, or vegetarians, and we all wondered how did they do it. As mentioned in my previous post, I do not eat pork, red meat is very special occasions, and chicken and fish are my only foods that I eat frequently. Once again, I have changed my eating habits. I currently try to eat vegetarian food for most of my meals, I eat fish as my dish if I go out to eat, and chicken is my backup if the fish does not sound good. I have not cut out chicken fully because I do enjoy it, but I think it is time for me to change that habit. Some may ask, “How can you flip the switch just like that?”

The first trick is to remove it from your home. Any foods that are canned or non perishable can be donated as long as it it not expired to local food banks. I would say throw out the perishable items but that is a waste of money in my opinion, so I would say eat as your last meal. Removing it from you home will help remove it from your mindset.

Next, you have to have a meal plan just so you can have a guide for recipes. Have a list of food you enjoy that follows your new diet on your first column, so you know what you can buy on a regular basis. Some great food options would be salsa, kale, broccoli, spinach, onions, celery, and brussel sprouts. Then, have a column of foods that you love but you are trying to cut out. This is important because you need to find out what foods can help substitute those foods. If you love guacamole and chips try to replace the chips with baked corn tortilla chips or cucumbers. My personal favorite change was to replace sour cream with plain Greek yogurt. Taste exactly the same in my opinion. Some great substitute foods would be air popped popcorn, dark chocolate, fresh fruit with whipped cream, light ice cream like Halo Top, or freeze dried fruit.

Third tip is to check the restaurant menu before going to the restaurant. You will know what you want beforehand and you can order right away. If you are staying away from simple carbs, you can always tell the server no bread please. Feel free to take it to go as well.

The last trick is to keeps track of your macronutrients. It is important because you need to know what foods will be higher in fat, carbs, and protein. To stay full longer, try higher fat foods like hemp seeds, cheese, and avocado. Carbs are great for an immediate energy source. Try to eat bananas, strawberries, beans, and potatoes. Very ideal before the workout. Proteins are great for the structures of the body. Great sources are chicken breast, tuna, tilapia, flaxseeds, and non dairy milks that are unsweetened. Remember, lifestyle changes takes time and you might slip a few time but there is no rush.

Best ways to find Wifi outside your country!

Suitcases? Check! Wallet? Check! Money? Check! Plane ticket? Check! Internet? Uhhhhh.

Once again another trip without consistent wifi. Today, wifi is magical. We can call, text, video chat, blog, ect just through wifi. So, we can see why we like to have hotels with free wifi. Hence why they advertise it on their website. However, you’ll be outside the hotel most of the day. How can you still stay connected? Most people will say you have to enjoy the country with your eyes, which is true. Since Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram started getting bigger, places started to provide free wifi for tourist to connect to. Here are great ways to find wifi connections outside your country.

The first way is sightseeing tours. River cruises and tour buses usually run for about 1 hour when listening to the tour. Before you buy that ticket, check if they have wifi. Good companies usually makes that their main selling points. Tickets would be about 25 bucks for this tour. Keep in mind, you get the benefits of sitting and relaxing, sightseeing, and wifi. Sometimes they sell you a 24 hour ticket so you can hop back on. Not bad but there are cheaper options.

Dining out is the best way to get free wifi. Enjoy some delicious dishes and post on Instagram to make everyone jealous. Catch up on the latest updates while enjoying a kebab. This applies to mostly cafes, dine in spots, or nice bars. Don’t be scared to ask for the password either. Most of the time they will tell you if you ask kindly. The worst thing they can do is say no. Great deal for a nice meal that cost you about $13.

Shopping centers or certain retail store is a free way to gain access to wifi. Want to get some shopping done while traveling? Perfect time to brag to your friends that you are shopping across the world by Instagram. Try stores like Gucci, MAC, or sometimes the mall itself for free internet. Don’t worry, the connection is so good that you don’t need to enter the store unless you feel like splurging.

Metro stations started providing free wifi. Makes sense for travelers that are confused about the map or give you some time to kill while waiting for the next tram. Some trains, trams, and buses have internet. Don’t for get to purchase a 24 hour pass for unlimited transportation.

Lastly, my least favorite option is data roaming. Some cellular plans offer free international data and text. It’s a great idea to contact your provider to see if you have this access. It maybe only 2G but free is free.

Happy LGBTTQQIAAP Pride Month and How Companies Took Advantage

4 years since gay marriage has been legal across the entire United States. The first state being Massachusetts back in 2003. There is a long ways to go because there is still homophobia, transphobia, other countries where gay marriage is illegal, gay conversion therapy, stoning, and more. This is why we need to continue the fight. Companies like Nike, Zales, Target, and Tiffany Co has displayed their support of the community for a while. Featuring same sex couples on advertisements or have some of the profits go to donations. These are wonderful ways to help make different sexualities normals. However, I was browsing through various stores like Marshalls, Kohls, and TJ Maxx and I noticed that they had a Gay pride collection. At first, I thought wow this nice seeing that they have a small section for the community. It shows that they support us. Nike, Zumiez, and Converse were showcasing their new rainbow collection. Then it hit me. They are using this month as a marketing tool. Don’t get me wrong, most if not all of these companies have good intentions for having gay themed related clothing and support our communities. I have a fear that companies are using this month as a cash grab. Most people assumption is hey they have gay pride stuff here so this means that they support the community. I’ll buy a shirt from this multimillion dollar company. A better way to help support the cause is to go to the LGBT Center. They always accept donation of any amount. Companies may say that 10% or 25% of the profits will be going to the donations. But, if you break the percentage, the shirt cost $10. The cost to make that shirt was $1 and after all the fees and labor cost. The profit of that shirt would be $4. 10% of that is 40 cents! But, if 100,000 people bought a shirt then the donation would be $40,000. How about if we donate $10 to the local LGBT center and that would be a million dollars. These companies are trying to say hey we support this community so give us money. Like I said, it just feels like a cash grab for people that want to dress up in rainbow colors. Remember, sexual orientation does not equal personality. If I wear active wear, I’m going to wear active wear to pride. I don’t need to wear a rainbow themed coloring because that is not who I am.

I know that people will not know where their money goes after purchasing said item. The main problem is that companies are really exploiting this time of month to get a cash grab. I am not judging people that buy the clothing because they are showing pride for the group. They want to display it during the month. That brings to the other problem. Pride parades are slowing becoming like St. Patricks day. Another excuse for people to drink and party without acknowledging the main purpose. I want people to know the main message of the pride parties or parades. No one should be ashamed about who they truly are. Now, it feels like people just want another day to drink and dance. It’s a day that we are standing up to make this community a social norm. It’s okay for people to celebrate but is it really a celebration without knowing the reason why we celebrate.

What can we do to help this community? There are a few great ways to help. The first one is to not fall for the merchandise. I love design but I wish this color theme can be more than the gay color scheme. Donate to the community directly. You don’t need to allow giant corporations to do the donating for you. You can research if there are any LGBT centers that need donations. Support with love. Be happy for family and friends that are out and proud. And be comforting towards the ones that are finding themselves. Pride parades and parties overall message is that people should be themselves and should not be afraid to show. It’s not another day to party. But overall have fun celebrating and be safe. In conclusion, our goal is to help make this community a norm in our lives to the point where its normal for a child to have 2 dads or 2 moms. There should be no shock value. We need to make sure we are stepping in the right direction.

Why Do We Hate Washing Dishes?!

Yes! Another delicious meal cooked and eaten. Enjoying the food coma that we put ourselves in. In a great mood until you see all those dishes used for cooking and ruins the mood. Why does this happen to us? Why does it ruin our mood? There are some correlations to this chore.

The first reason is that there is not energy left in us. Think about you were chopping, sauteing, standing, and flipping your food. Also, eating a hearty meal can make you feel lethargic. The last thing on your mind is to waste more energy.

Time. The only resource we can never get back. You took an hour to cook and 30 minutes to eat. Now, you have to waste more time to clean! Not happening in my book.

Wasting resources does major damage to the Earth and washing dishes by hand is not efficient. You are wasting more water than using a dishwasher. Of course if you only used like 4 dishes than just wash it, but I have never used less than 7 dishes when cooking. Also, the disher is better at cleaning dishes than by hand.

The last reason is there is no pay off. What? I get clean dishes so what?

What is you least favorite chore?

Spicy Noodle Challenge and the Aftermath!!

What won’t the internet make a challenge of? There was the infamous cinnamon challenge, saltine crackers, wasabi, and now the spicy noodle challenge!

I tried it myself. It was not that spicy. Was it hot? Yes, but was I dying? No. I am used Korean spicy foods and Indian Spicy food. Now, if we are talking about Mexican spicy, I cannot handle as much. Habanero is the hottest I will go! After words, my stomach was fine. I felt spice even more but not that much. To me, this would be great if you are sick.

What is the spiciest food you ate?

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